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Co-development of NBHL Internal Pipeline

NBHL is open to discussing the internal drug discovery programs outlined in our Pipeline with pharmaceutical partners and we will be seeking partners for clinical development and commercialization. NBHL is committed to progressing with the programs towards Phase IIa clinical trials, through strategic collaborations with academic societies, contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) and contract research organizations (CROs). Please contact us if you would like more detailed information regarding each program.

Technology alliance

Technology alliance for monoclonal antibodies targeting GPCRs

We now are looking for pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies globally, which have interest in using NBHL’s proprietary technology platform for mAbs targeting GPCRs as part of a therapeutic mAb discovery program.

1. Under the terms of a technology alliance, NBHL can produce humanized functional mAbs targeting GPCRs and surrogate mAbs for animal models; every aspect of a mAb discovery program is managed for customers according to their specifications.
2. NBHL generates and optimizes antibodies with the establishment of functional assay systems, whereas the partner is mainly responsible for preclinical and clinical development.
3. NBHL develops mAbs targeting GPCRs for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, pain and inflammation.
4. Development-dependent milestone payments and royalties on product sales are standard components of these agreements, whereas various options for alliance are available.
5. Alternatively, NBHL can also provide functional mAbs targeting GPCRs for use as a research tool to accelerate your GPCR-targeted drug discovery on a fee basis.