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With the application of the MoGRAA® discovery engine and technology, we are developing first-in-class new drug candidates for clinical development, focusing on respiratory diseases, chronic inflammation and severe viral infections. We are exploring partnerships for clinical development and commercialization in the global market.


Internal pipelines are available for partnering opportunity
Project 1st Indication 2nd Indication Target GPCR Patent Development stage
P-001 Autoimmune disease Cancer immunity EP4 Issued Manufacturing Preparation
P-007 Lung fibrosis Gastrointestinal solid cancer CCR7 Issued Manufacturing Preparation
P-013 Fibrosis Pain Lipid GPCR Lead mAb exploring
P-014 Severe Virus infection disease Gastrointestinal inflammatory disease Chemokine GPCR Lead mAb optimization
P-015 Lung fibrosis Solid cancer Wnt signal pathway Lead mAb optimization
P-016 Diabetic retinopathy Angiogenesis inhibitor Peptide GPCR Lead mAb optimization
P-017 Postoperative hypoglycemia Pancreatic cancer Peptide GPCR Lead mAb optimization