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NBHL to present at Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2019 in San Diego, USA

Kiyoshi Takayama (President, NBHL) will give a presentation at Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2019 to be held in San Diego, USA, from December 9th to 13th, 2019. His talk will focus on the innovative high-throughput single-cell technology RiGRASSTM for the discovery of functional anti-GPCR antibodies.

 [Date of Presentation]

 December 11th, 2019 (2:55 pm – 3:25 pm)


 Marriott Marquis San Diego


 Track 1: Emerging Technologies and Approaches for Antibody Engineering

 [Presentation Title]

 Discovery of Therapeutic Functional mAbs Targeting GPCR with a Unique Single Cell Analysis Technique